Well today is Aug 7th 2007.  It has been awhile since I have updated the website and sorry for that.  Korben is 3 yrs old and will be turning 4 in a couple of months.  Boy how the time has flown by.  Over the summer Korben did run track with the Little Green Track club.  I would have to say it was fun watching him do his thing.  I will see if I can get Caitie to update Korben's home page.

Caitie and I are still working for the same companies so not much has changed in that area.  However we have been busy around the house trying to change the look.  We did get the basement framed so we are excited about that now I just need to get the furnace people out to do their work so I can continue on.  We are also hoping to do some painting inside over the winter.  We think it is time to add a little color after being here for over 2 years.

I will see it I can get Caitie to do something for the Schort stories home page so make sure to check that out.