Schrot Stories, Volume 7

Just to give a little update on the house.  On April 17th Nebraska Sod came out and hydroseeded the rest on the back yard.  We are really looking forward to getting grass to grow and match the sod that we did last year.  It will take a little time to get it to grow but with a little good weather we should have a really nice backyard by the end of the summer.  I sure it is going to take a lot of work to keep the weeds out until the grass is thick enough to block them out.  That will give me plenty to do over the summer.


Schrot Stories, Volume 6

 June 2003 – Not much must have happened because I don’t remember anything and there is not much in our Palm.  Rod & Penny came down for Americruise.  My aunt Phyllis passed away unexpectedly at the end of the month.

July 2003 – We had a Fourth of July party and announced that we are having a boy!  It was a very exciting time.  We decided to join a health club and became members at Lincoln Racquet Club.  Mandie directed one of the Lincoln Community Playhouse’s showing of Footloose and we went and saw that.  I had a gestational diabetes test and it came out negative (they do that for all pregnant women now).  Cabela’s had employee recognition for their 2, 5, & 10 year employees.  I’ll have worked there for 2 years on October so I got to go to a Saltdogs game.  I didn’t stay long because it was hot and being pregnant in the heat is no fun.

August 2003 – Mom and Marv were gracious enough to help us buy our glider rocker for the baby’s room.  We picked it up on the 9th.  On the 11th we started 6 weeks of Lamaze Class at Bryan East.  It has been very helpful and educational.  Our teacher Cindy is great.  The weekend of the 23rd we went to Des Moines to visit Russell & Susan.  The weekend of the 30th we went back to Grant to visit Rod and Penny.

September 2003 – On the 6th we, or should I say Shawn, helped at mom’s when they got a sprinkler system.  The guy needed help digging holes.  September 9th I had my first baby shower, thrown by the girls at work.  We met at Pastime Pub and had dinner, cake and opened some presents.  I got some really cute bathrobes.  September 13 my friend Anna from college got married in Kansas so we traveled down to see Bruce & Georgia and go to her wedding.  Thank goodness this was the last of our traveling.  We had to get it done before October 1st as I got “grounded” and couldn’t travel further away than 60 miles from Lincoln in the chance.  This month I also picked and met with our pediatrician Dr. Niazi at Lincoln Pediatric Associates.  He’s very nice and they have a great practice.  They don’t have paper charts anymore and everything is kept on computer to be more efficient and better for the nurses when you call in with a problem.  On the 20th Melinda threw me a diaper shower.  I got lots of diapers in many different brands which was great!  On the 25th mom’s co-workers threw me a shower.  We received lots of nice gifts from them.  After a long wait, our crib arrived on the 27th.  We picked it up and had help from Brad and Jason to get it and the changing table in the house.  That night we went to a Husker Volleyball game. 

October 2003 – Well, no traveling for us this month.  We’re getting down to the wire.  I’ve passed the point where the doctor has said if go into labor they aren’t going to stop it.  The beginning of the month Marv was diagnosed with multiple mylenoma, a cancer of the blood.  On the 4th Brad and Jason threw Shawn a shower at Hooters.  The guys had fun and he got a couple nice gifts.  He hasn’t cracked into the alcohol yet, so things must be going pretty good.  On the 5th I had my final shower before the baby is to be born.  This one was thrown by Aunt Jana, Aunt Jane, and Mandie at St. Andrews.  It was a great turn out.  We got wonderful gifts and clothes.  Shawn got a surprise gift of the elephants and he shocked me and got our crib bedding set.  The beginning of October led to a surprise at work when a team leader was terminated.  Brad switched to the daytime team leader and I applied for the night time team leader job.  I interview and accepted the position on the 16th.  That next week I started working nights (Sunday 5-9pm, Monday – Thursday 11am -9pm).  Little did I know I’d only be in my new position 2 weeks before baby arrived.  Towards the end of the month I started seeing the doctor every week.  My last appointment was on the 24th and everything was fine.  I was dilated to 1.  The 25th was my 27th birthday.  We spent the day moving Brad, Melinda, & Easton into their new house.  We had birthday dinner with Dad & Diane at Outback that night.  I ate my entire steak and rice for the first time ever.  On the 26th we had birthday lunch at mom’s for both of our birthdays.  I baked apple pies for the occasion. 

October 28th 3:30 AM – I woke up with what I thought was possibly contractions and couldn’t sleep much anymore.  I moved to the couch and went to the bathroom a lot.  I waited until Shawn woke up at 8 and told him what I thought was going on.  Since I hadn’t had any false labor or Braxton Hicks contractions we figured this was a false alarm.  I waited until my doctor’s office opened and called them at 9.  By that time my contractions were getting stronger and were 5-7 minutes apart.  They told me to go to the hospital to get checked and that sent us into a big reality check.  When we got to the hospital I was 4 cm along already!!!  Dr. Taylor showed up shortly after we arrived and broke my water.  I wanted an epidural and they pumped a bag of fluids into me before they could give it.  My contractions were getting worse and it was getting harder to concentrate when the anesthesiologist arrived.  I got my wonderful epidural.  While I was receiving it my contractions started to hurt much worse.  They checked me right afterwards and I was at 8!  It was only 10:30.  At 11:40 I was 10 cm and started pushing.  Shawn said he could see the baby’s head.  I pushed for 2 hours and at 1:55 Korben August Schrotberger was born!!!  He weighed 6 lbs 2 oz and was 19 ¼ inches long.  His Agapar’s were 8 and 9.  Mom, Marv, Mandie, Dad, and Grandma Viv were all there waiting by the door for us to let them in.  I remember saying that “we’d better let the vultures in” as they really wanted to see the baby.  By the time I got moved to my post partum room I was extremely hungry as I hadn’t had anything since dinner the night before.  I remember asking while pushing when I’d get to eat.  The nurses at the hospital were all great.  Korben got circumsized on the 29th and Shawn got to watch the procedure.  We went home on the 30th after lunch.  Shawn took the whole week off work to spend with us (and try to get some sleep).  Penny should have won a prize as she bought Halloween baby socks and we told her the baby wouldn’t get to wear them, but he did.   

November 2003 – We started adjusting to life with baby.  We were pretty shocked that he came a week early so I don’t think we were as mentally prepared as we wanted to be.  On the 1st Shawn went to Jason Hall’s bachelor party and had a good time.  The guys there were all shocked that I let him out of the house.  We had weight checks for every couple of days for the first week for Korben so they could monitor his weight and make sure he was gaining ok.  He weighed 5 lbs 11 oz when we left the hospital but had it back in 2 weeks.  We decided to get automatic locks put on my car’s back doors as it was too much of a pain to always unlock them now with the baby.  On November 21st we celebrated Mandie’s birthday at mom’s with a chicken fried steak meal.  Thanksgiving we spent in town and had dinner at mom’s.  On the 29th we went to Jason & Roxy’s wedding.  It was our first trip out without Korben.  We all did very well.  Shawn’s Grandma Velda passed away before Thanksgiving .

 December 2003 – The weekend of the 6th we made our first trip out of town with Korben to go back to Grant and Sidney for Velda’s funeral.  We stopped in York at Applebee’s and visited Tom Defreece on the way there.  It was an adjustment for all of us and Korben didn’t want to sleep at night.  On the 10th we had our first family pictures taken and a couple of Korben.  They turned out great.  On the 19th we went to Melinda’s for her Graduation party.  Congrats to her for graduating from nursing school.  She starts work at Bryan in January.  Marvin went back into the hospital around the 13th of December.  They determined a couple of days later that he had phneomcystic pneumonia.  This kind of pneumonia is very severe and is found in people with weakend immune systems, such as cancer patients.  The pneumonia overtook his body and mom decided to pull him off of the life support on the 23rd as he didn’t want to live on machines.  It was a very sad day for all of us.  His funeral was on the 27th.  Needless to say we decided not to go back to Grant for Christmas.  We spent Christmas Eve at mom’s.  We all still miss him very much.  On the 31st Korben had his 2 month check up and weighed 9 lbs, 7 oz.  He’s gaining weight good.  He’s only in the 10% but following the growth curve right.   

January 2004 – We celebrated New Years Eve at Todd & Lisa’s house, friends we met through Brad & Melinda.  On the 10th I had a Pampered Chef party and later that day got the flu.  On the 11th we had Korben baptized.  He did a great job and didn’t cry at all. 

Schrot Stories, Volume 5  (June 2, 2003)

)Well, time again to begin a new chapter in our life, in more ways than one...

March 2003 was a month for change.  We found out I am pregnant on the 4th.  We tried to keep it a secret until the April 10th when the doctor gave us the go ahead to tell the world!!  Needless to say we were both a little shocked that it worked so fast.  Must be those good Schrotberger swimmers.  All of the soon to be grandparents and aunts and uncles are very excited.  So are the people at church.  Now we are planning for baby and all that is to come, due November 5th.  Also in March, Shawn's grandfather Allen Finely passed away and we attended the funeral back in Sidney.

April was our month to tell the world!  We had told the parents and most of our brothers and sisters so we just decided to send out a mass email to let everyone else know.  The doctor couldn't find the heartbeat at my first appointment so we went back on the 10th and they did a ultrasound.  I'm either a week behind their prediction in age or we've got a small child, which could be very possible considering Shawn and I were both right around 6 pounds when we were born.  We've got our first baby pictures of peanut!  They would be on this site, but they are done on x-ray film and not printed off so if you want to see you'll have to track us down.  Shim's (She and him combined, a nick name given by Marvin) heart rate was 166 the first time.  Also in April we helped Grandma Viv move into an apartment at the Walter apartment complex.  Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets also came out on DVD this month. 

May was another busy month.  I've had 2 more doctor's appointments, heart rate 153 and 150.  The next one is June 30 and my next ultrasound will be shortly there after.  Shawn's being a great father already and got me my first mother's day present, a manicure and pedicure.  Guy made me cry when he gave it to me.  I blamed it on the hormones.  I won't be able to use that excuse forever though.  Mom and Marv bought us a double bed for the baby/guest room so the new grandparents and aunts and uncles that come from out of town will have a bed to stay in, or we'll stay in the baby's room and they'll sleep on our bed.  I was going to take my old double bed back but they decided it was too old.  Those that have tried it out say its very comfortable.  When the time comes that I can't get out of the waterbed I'm sure I'll be sleeping on it too.  We road tripped down to Kansas City to visit Cabela's and see Bruce and Georgia.  It was a nice trip and Shawn got his turkey fryer.  Shawn also turned 32 but that passed without too much excitement.  I did get him a nice watch.

In the upcoming months... yes we're breaking tradition and going to find out the sex of the baby, and we'll know the end of June.  We're also planning on having a July 4th turkey fry and anyone who reads this is invited to come.  We were planning on a afternoonish thing so if you have other plans for the evening we'll understand!  We're hoping to announce the sex of the baby then.  We are planning on keeping our name choices a secret until birth.  How we are picking the names is no secret though.  We are taking our favorite actresses and actors and using their character names from movies.  For example, ones that have been suggested... Anakan, only when he turns 18 he must change his name to Darth Vader, if it was twins Buzz and Woody, or Annie after Meg Ryan's character in Sleepless in Seattle.  Americruise is coming to town June 27-29th and I'm sure we'll be out car watching.  Shawn's hoping his dad will be able to come down and bring the GTO or Chevelle now that its done.

Well, that's about it for now.  I'll try to keep things up better B.B.A. (before baby arrives).  I'm sure things are certainly going to change in our lives.  I hope everything is going great for you all!!

Schrot Stories, Volume 4  (Started February, finished June 2, 2003)

Ok, if last time I deserved a slap on the wrist for not keeping this up better than this time you should take me out back and shoot me.  Just kidding.  I've got almost a year of updates to do.  Last edition, the newest news was our trip to Orlando.  My tan is gone and its snowing now so off I go...

I had to dig out my old planner to find out what happened in May 2002.  There wasn't too much because the only thing I wrote was that we went and saw Spiderman.  That movie is out on video now so on to more recent things...

In June... we went back to Grant to visit and I'm sure we got put to work.  I won tickets to go see INXS on the radio for Father's Day only to have them cancel their concert.  I got a free CD instead.  Not a good trade if you ask me.  June 28 Americruise came back to town and we got to watch it for the first time in 2 years!!

In July... we went to a couple Saltdogs games with our friends Brad and Melinda.  Our second anniversary was the 22nd and we both took the day off and went to the Henry Dorley Zoo in Omaha.  Shawn had never been there and it was a nice relaxing time.

In August... Shawn began helping out with the sound board at church.  This guarentees we will be at church at least twice a month.  :)  We really love the new pastor and I'm singing in choir again.  There was a new salon that opened upstairs in the Zager building.  It is called Alon.  The girls are great there and needless to say that's were I'm getting my hair cut now.  Speaking of hair, I chopped it off.  I was definitely ready for a change and Shawn got highlights and has more style now.  We may not be home owners but we like to maintain it.  We painted the bathroom this month.  It looked like the previous owners had wallpaper up at one point and didn't do a good job of repainting when they took it down.  It looks much better now.

In September... Tony, Shannon, Stephanie, and Bailey came to stay with us over Labor Day weekend because some of their friends got married.  We found out we will definitely have to find a larger house once we have kids.  What a houseful!!  Cabela's opened their new store in Kansas City.  They were short help and I went down for work on September 11 and 12th to run the Cabela's CLUB Visa booth.  The store is great and we still need to get back down there to do a little more shopping. 

In October... We went to Kansas City to see Shawn's cousin Dan graduate from DeVry.  It was also the weekend of my birthday and we had a good time. 

In November... We took our first offical relaxing vacation.  We both took the whole week of Thansgiving off and went and saw Russell and Susan in Des Moines and then went to Grant for Thanksgiving with the Schrotberger's.  By the time we came home Saturday we were ready to be home but the relaxing was nice. 

In December...I got nominated for the nominating committee at church.  We meet once a year in November and get people to run for council.  We celebrated Christmas on Christmas eve at Mom & Marv's and had a great time.

In January 2003!!!...We celebrated New Year's at Brad & Melinda's apartment with a bunch of their friends and taught them how to play dominos.  It was a great time.  We celebrated Christmas with Dad and Di on the 18th and did our usual dinner of goulash and after dinner bowling.  We also visited Des Moines and Grant.  I started working the Northeast Wrestling meets and tournaments with Mandie.  We always have a good time and make a couple extra bucks at the same time.

In February... We road tripped with Brad, Melinda, and Easton to the Kansas City Cabela's.  It was a all day thing on a Saturday but we had a great time.  I also got my hair highlighted for the first time ever.  I think it may become addictive.

Schrot Stores Volume 3

Hi Everyone!!  Things have been busy for us since the last edition.  I deserve a slap on the wrist for not keeping up with this better.  I guess the best place to start is from where I left off last edition...

Employment is such a good thing.  Needless to say that medical billing thing didn't work out for me.  I did go back to work at Goodrich for a bit, but found an advertisement for a job in the Daily Nebraskan that I couldn't pass up.  I'm now working for Cabelas!!!  Well, technically I work for World's Foremost Bank, which is the bank for the Cabela's VISA Card.  My paychecks come from Cabela's though and Shawn enjoys the discount I get at the retail stores.  I'm working in the collections department, only this is way different from the other collection job.  I'm doing what's called first party collections, where I'm collecting for the place I work for.  They have a dialer that calls the accounts for us, so it's a lot easier.  The cardholders are pretty nice generally and there is hardly any job-related stress.  I was part time during school and now am full time working days from 7:00 am to 3:30 p.m.  The bank is really growing and I'm sure there will be opportunities for job advancement.

I did graduate on Saturday December 22, 2001!!!  The day went by so fast.  I walked across stage and actually got my diploma right then.  That's a good feeling.  We had a reception afterwards at Pastime Pub and later had dinner at Lois & Marv's.  I'm glad I don't have to read another textbook if I don't want too.

Sunday December 23 we left for Kansas City to spend Christmas with the Schrotbergers.  We stayed with Bruce and Georgia in their new house.  It's so gorgeous.  It was a great time and very relaxing. 

The next weekend we went to Sidney, NE to spend a day with the Finley's (Penny's parents).  They did the turkey in the fryer again and it was really juicy.  Its amazing how many kids there is now.  Well, there are the same number of kids but now they are old enough to play on their own and run around. 

When all the excitement of Graduation and traveling was done we got news that Garry, Shawn's boss, was looking into buying a new house to rent.  We looked at it and told Garry if he bought it we'd rent from him.  We turned in our notice and moved in January 26th.  We couldn't have had better weather.  It was like 75 degrees with blue skies.  Who would have thought January could be like that in Nebraska.  To get ready for the move we had to clean the house and we built a new waterbed with more drawers.  We've still got to finish staining and varnishing the drawer faces.  We're really enjoying it and you can see a picture of the pond on the front page.  It's so nice to actually be in a house.  We've met some of the neighbors and it's a really nice neighborhood.  Sometime soon we're going to have a party so everyone can come over and see the place. 

Sometime after Valentine's day (which by the way was really uneventful), Russell called us and asked us if we wanted to go to the Mall of America.  What the heck we decided and made a road trip weekend.  We stayed in Des Moines with them on Friday and on Saturday we went up to the Mall.  That place is gigantic!!  We figured we walked about 2 miles.  We stopped by the Cabela's in Owatonna afterwards to see their mountain.  It was pretty cool because it had a waterfall and a polar bear.  You can walk around it completely and it's bigger than the one in Sidney.  Here's some pictures from the trip of Camp Snoopy, Lego Land, and yes that's Russell trying on shorts at the Gap with his socks pulled up to his knees.

 In April we took a plane ride to Orlando!!!  Dish Network has their yearly conference called Team Summit and it was at Disney World this year.  Shawn took his first commercial airline flight and we both visited the sunny state of Florida for the first time.  Florida is absolutely beautiful.  I could definitely retire down there.  The conference was a lot of fun and we got to see stars like Larry King, Eric Heatherly (country music), Jeff Foxworthy, and the B-52's.  Check out the Team Summit link for pictures.  Shawn also learned a lot at the workshops and tech forum.  I actually came back with a tan!!  There were 3000 people there and we met a lot of new people.  It was interesting to learn about the different markets and demographic people have.  The last couple of days we met a nice couple from North Carolina and got to talk with them.  It was nice to see some people that were our age. 

Everything else is generally going great.  It seems like there is never enough time in a day to do everything.  Mandie and I have started walking for exercise.  Marv is driving for Greyhound now.  They still haven't decided about the head of the transportation department at the public school that Fred has applied for, since he's doing the job now anyway until they fill the position.  Shawn wants to get me back to Grant for harvest this year and get me on a combine.  That should be interesting. 

That's about all for now.  Remember you're always welcome to stop by or drop us a line at anytime.  We always enjoy seeing and talking to everyone.  Hope all is well with you!!

Important people events:
Caitie turned 25 on October 25th
Ben & Shelly had their second child Rene
Bill & Kim had their second child Edward Lee
Shawn turns 31 on May 21st
Our 2nd Anniversary is July 22nd

Schrot Stores, Volume 2

    I just finished my second day of school and only one class looks like it will be hard.  Graduation is still scheduled for December 22 and party details are still being worked out.  I am taking Advanced Accounting, Strategic Management, Business Law, Auditing, and Environmental Geography.  I have to apply for my degree by September 28 and pay $25.  After all the money I've spent at UNL don't you think I could get my degree for free???  Oh well.  I'm taking a challenge of my own and taking public transportation to school and back.  UNL students get free bus rides so this will save on parking and gasoline.  The bus picks me up on R Street while Vine street is under construction and in October we can hope construction is done and then it will be on Vine Street.

    Construction at Mom & Marv's is done except for carpet and linoleum which should arrive next week.  They lost use of their driveway yesterday & the city won't let them pour the new one until the street is done.  Mom figures that she won't get to park in the garage until October and Marvin says he wants to be the first person to drive his pickup into the new garage.  No Shawn you will not push it in while he's on the road.  =)   We're still waiting to hear about details on the celebration party when it's all done.

    Dad and Diane just made a new purchase and got a 2002 Kia Sedona.  They are really excited about it.  Who knew minivans came with a 10 year warranty now.?!.  Dad also got a promotion to being an assistant under his current boss.  The department figured out if the manager was gone there was no one left to be in charge.  The cut in LPS bussing didn't effect his job any.  Diane's daycare is almost full now.  She's still waiting for the arrival of the last one (to be born yet).

    This Labor Day weekend we will be heading back to Grant to visit the Schrotberger's back there.  Rod has been busy driving truck and Penny is working away at that government job of her's.  (Sorry I don't remember the name of the place.  I just remember that it has changed names a few times and she gets lots of holidays I didn't know existed off.)  They have been busy stripping and resealing their redwood deck.  I haven't heard of anything new happening inside their house.

    August 25 was the first Husker Football game!!!  We celebrated in style at Lincoln's newest bar PASTIME PUB.  Tom Defreece (our best man in the wedding) is the manager of this smoke-free bar.  It is out in the highlands and will probably become our new hangout.  They've got a grill and the nachos we had were great.  I can't wait to try out the rest of their menu.

    As far as Husker sports go...check out all the action at!!!  The volleyball has won 36 straight matches since 1999 and are on their way to another national championship!!

Schrot Stories, Volume 1

    July 22, 2001  Our first anniversary.
        We didn't do a whole lot for our anniversary.  We spent the weekend with Russell and Susan helping them move.  On Saturday night we went out for dinner and after split a bottle of Champane to celebrate.  I following weekend we went to Shawn's cousin, Mike and his now wife Heather's wedding.  It was a very enjoyable time and a nice get away from Lincoln.

    May 21, 2001  Shawn turns 30.

   April 24, 2001  Caitie quit her job.
            After almost 2 years of employment and much stress later, I decided it was in my best interest to turn in my notice and quit my job at the collection agency.  I really felt unappreciated and disagreed with their management style.  I did get a lot of experience but don't think I will ever be able to use them as a reference as their ethics are questionable.  I was able to concentrate on finals which did help out.  This summer I will be nannying for a family, working back at Goodrich Dairy, and trying to start my own job doing medical billing from home.  If all goes well, I won't have to work much next semester.

    February 20, 2001  Shawn had an emergency appendectomy at 1 PM.
            At 2 AM on Tuesday the 20th, Shawn woke me up and asked "Have you ever had your appendix out?" to which I replied "No, why?".  After we got to the ER and a CAT scan later, the doctor did determine that he would need to have his appendix out.  Shawn asked if he could go home until surgery was scheduled and the doctor told him he wasn't leaving the hospital.  Surgery went well and he hardly has a scar.  We saw a ton of people we knew so that made the whole thing a little more relaxed.  Everyone was so helpful and we thank our parents for their support.  (Especially to Mandie & Lois who cleaned our apartment and told Shawn not to expect this every time he has surgery.)  Shawn says he'd do it all over again if he could and had a good time.

    January 29, 2001  Shawn started his new job installing mini-dish systems.
            Shawn had thought about the future and was contemplating a change when this job basically fell into his lap.  He now works for Zager Antenna Systems and really loves what he does.  The job is less stressful and not as dirty as I don't have to wash painting shirts anymore.  There is a great future for him there and he is learning so much.

    July 22, 2000  We got married.
            After 16 months of planning we did get hitched.  We got married at 7 PM at St. Andrew's Lutheran Church.  The day was beautiful and it was the weekend of Americruse (when all the old cars come to town). Everything went wonderfully, except for our Unity Candle had a 12" flame and had to be blown out during the singing of the Lord's Prayer.  We had an oil lamp candle and apparently when high pressure goes over sometimes the oil will actually act like a barometer.  Our pastors told us that everyone has one glitch and that was ours.  The party after was a blast.  I heard our D.J Keith got a big bonus for keeping as many people on the dance floor all night as he did.