Hello Everyone!  I am sixteen months old now.   I weigh 17 pounds 10 ounces.  I just was told I have a sinus infection and have to take that bubblegum medicine for two weeks. 

I have started to talk a lot even though no one seems to understand me.  I say DaDa, All Done, Uh Oh, and Dis? (This?) a lot.  I learned sign language at daycare for 'more' which is really helpful when I want more at meal times.  Mom has been giving me back rubs and I always say 'more' to get more.  One day at daycare I was going down the slide outside and got to the bottom and told my teachers 'more' so I could go down again.

I still don't have the confidence to walk on my own.  I walk behind toys and around the furniture.  Mommy keeps hoping I'll walk soon so she doesn't have to help me so much.   I pull up to things and even get into my "Time Out" chair by myself.  I like to stand on it and when I don't listen to mommy and daddy about sitting down they turn it upside down.

My favorite foods are still mandarin oranges and now cheese.

I like to play "On and Off" with many things.  I put mommy's Lance Band on and off my wrist.  I do the same with daddy's watch.  I also like to turn off all the lights in the house.  I have also been known to make long distance phone calls to 666-666-6666.  Mom says it is a good thing I don't know how to dial a 1 first or our phone bill would be atrocious. 

I still love music.  I sway and jam.  It is really fun when Mommy turns on my aquarium in my crib and gives me the other end of my baby monitor.  We may have to go shopping to find me a radio of my own. 

I'm always up for visitors, just stop by and say Hi!